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Monday, December 14, 2015

Pssssst…Need some speakers?


Some idioms you can live by-Can’t judge a book by its cover. Every cloud has a silver lining.  Do unto others as you would them do to you. Words to live by. With our primal drive to always get the best price on absolutely anything, probably the most important during the Christmas shopping season is-Too good to be true.

We are always looking for the better deal. Especially this time of year when our gift giving budgets are stretched and maxed. If it’s cheaper somewhere else we’ll drive half away across the State to save a few dollars. That’s what makes us particularly susceptible to con men and scam artists. The good ones prey on our sensibilities and that feeling that we’re getting over on someone. Willingly acquiescing to our negotiating prowess to make us feel like we won. When in reality they won big. Oh the elation we feel when the story is told of how we adeptly bartered with some rube until we got the item for almost nothing.

This is why people buy used luxury cars for less than half of blue book, only to later find out that the car was stolen and re-titled. Or why people buy jewelry from that guy on the street or stereo equipment from unmarked vans. It is also why we are so quick to give up personal information and send money to email and phone solicitors.

It’s like when the good you and evil you are on opposite shoulders, except now one is sensibility and the other is a dollar sign. You know it walks like a duck and even sounds like a duck but oh my goodness what a price!  You actually pause and think, “This can’t be right”, but you make the deal anyway.

Sometimes the police don’t come and take the Mercedes or the Klipsch speakers. Sometimes a Nigerian prince really does need your help. Most times, listen to the smart you.

If it’s too good to be true…close your wallet.

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