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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This will only take a second...

Walking into a fast food place I saw a guy park his car in a space near the door, exit quickly, and hurriedly trot inside. As I passed his car I noticed it was left running. Once inside, I told the guy that he had left his car running. He curtly answered that he knew and went about ordering food, quickly dismissing my attempt to be neighborly. My next thought, I should get the name of his insurance agent because he has got to have a better policy than I do.
Dry cleaners, convenience stores, coffee places, grocery stores, anywhere someone thinks they are just going to run in and out, you see cars left unlocked and running. I’ve even seen people leave their cars running at curbside with children strapped into safety seats. It just boggles my mind. What are people thinking?
A professional can steal a locked car in under a minute. An amateur can steal a locked car in less than five minutes. A child, with no auto theft experience, can steal an unlocked, running car in five seconds. How long does it take to get a nonfat no whip decaf mocha latte?
Most popular stolen cars in Maryland according to the NICB:
  1. Dodge Caravan 2000
  2. Honda Accord 1996
  3. Honda Civic 2000
  4. Ford Pickup (Full size) 2006
  5. Toyota Camry 2011
  6. Toyota Corolla 2010
  7. Ford Crown Victoria 1999
  8. Nissan Maxima 1996
  9. Plymouth Voyager 1999
  10. Nissan Altima 2002

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  1. Baltimore man dropping off one child, leaves second child in running car. When he returned the car had be stolen with the child.